If there's one way to describe the executive recruitment process, it's all about finding the right "one". The right candidate. The right opportunity. The right match.

That's why we're here íV we're the right recruiter. The one to select.

The Only One You Need
If there's one thing about us you need to know, it's this: we're the only one you need. We fill senior and executive level positions for industries including sales, marketing, communications, fashion, and business support. In Hong Kong and around the region, we are dedicated to delivering the best results.

In one word, we're all about quality.

Dedicated to One Mission
If there's one aspect we're proud of, it's our commitment to excellence. We focus on matching the best candidate quickly and confidentially for every opening. We place executives who are not just qualified, but can add significant business value immediately.

Because no one has time for more than one go around.

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